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Our Services


Maine Supervised Visitation Services has a variety of programs to meet your needs.


We provide children the opportunity to see a parent in a safe and trauma-free setting.


Flexible scheduling enables families to spend quality time together.

Family Services Include:


  • Various levels of supervision

  • Therapeutic visitations

  • Individualized visitation reports

  • Coordination of visits

  • Parenting classes

  • Co-parenting support of counseling

  • Reunification visits

Reasons Attorneys, Guardians Ad Litem, Agencies and Courts use Us Include:


  1. History of domestic violence

  2. History of substance abuse

  3. Hisitory of mental health problems

  4. Abduction concerns

  5. Concerns about parenting skills

  6. Concerns about emotional, sexual or physical abuse of children

  7. Lengthy separation of child and parent or no previous relationship

  8. Unresolved conflict between parents

  9. Alegations that custodial parent is denying access to non-custodial parent

We maintain a neutral perspective ~ We provide thorough reporting ~ We offer Parenting and Coaching Skills

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